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ok so my friend is in her 40s and is single . she really wants to start dating again but she lives in a really small town with not much to do so I mention to her she should try to meet some guys online maybe that live within the area, maybe like within 50 miles of her so she could meet them if she wanted to . this all sounded like a great idea except for the fact that she Is new to online dating .. or should I say meeting people online .. she really sucks at it to be honest and she runs off ever guy she tries to talk to . she runs them off by the way she acts towards them and to even start off with her profile it self is a bit of a lie. she put up a picture of her from about 15 years ago because it was a good picture . she thinks if she post one up of her now that she wouldn't get a good response because she thinks she looked better 15 years ago then she does now . I told her that was silly and men would rather see her now so that they like the real her . I guess she is hoping that a guy will like her pic and talk to her then meet her in person and over look the fact that the pic is not the same as she is now.. I told her it don't work that way . plus she always acts silly online and runs a man off because here is what she does..

1. likes a guys pick and starts talking to him . they get to know each other online a little.. she tells hims she looks a little diff then her pic because its an old pic.. they talk online some more and she starts to like him

2. NOW she looks at what tags or comments he has sent other girls and gets jealous and thinks if he really liked her that he would only talk to her and send her comments .. wtf?

3. now they talk online and If he don't respond right away or if he is shown to be online but don't talk to her she is pissed ... or if there talking and then he gets offline or stops talking to her all of a sudden she thinks he is talking to someone eles or he should have said bye first.. again WTF..

then she has met a few in person from online but when they go to meet her she don't look the same or he isn't attractive to her and there is no 2nd date.. the one time there has been a 2nd date she brought her freaking 18 year old son with them out to dinner and then took him over to meet a family member .. WTF..

she is going about it all wrong .. I want to help but she is going about it like a crazy women LOL ... I tried to tell her to just be her self put up her real pics and chill out alittle but it hasn't seem to work .. I have went places with her besides just being online and when she goes out she don't talk to no one and expects the man should come talk to her yet .. she is trying to be old fashion in 2013 .. any advice I can get from any of you to help her I would thank you for .. guys if a girl was acting this way to you online how would you respond to that ... ladies any advice is great to this is 2013 how should a 48 year expect date now . any comments and advice would help


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  • You're describing a big percentage of women here. Living in the past --the guy should make all the moves--and lying about her age,

    That used to be universal, and most guys my dad's age put p with it as 'that's the way girls are."

    But these days, guys won't put up with it. They'll rightly be afraid she will lie about everything else.

    • she didn't lie about her age .. but she put up an old pic of her .. I tried to tell her she is going about it all wrong .. smh .. the lady I'm talking about is my mom... she wants to date again but don't have a clue how to do it .. she been single a while now cuase she got divorced then her mom past away and she had a real hard time with it I want her to be happy but she Is clueless on how to date in 2013 LOL she is talking to these guys like its 1988 LOL

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    • It'ahrad for mom to take advice from her daughter. Give her a relationshp book to bring her up to date...

    • I will.. she always ask me for advice and wanted me to make her a profile and stuff but I can't control how she talks to the guys she has to do that on her own ..LOL she runs them off faster then she meets them LMAO

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  • Hello my Dear,
    How are you today?
    I appreciate your reply to honor my request, I hope you are in perfect peace and health with your family, my heart is filed with gladness that you honor my request because relationship do not care for age, color, distance or tribe if we like each other, rather, we shall make impossible to become possible to meet together no matter the distance or tribe.i want to share things in common with you, compare our past life, present and future experiences to exercise joy and happiness all the days of our life.


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