F**ked over my ex & I got a huge test coming up, help?

Long story short, been dating for 3 years(HS) evolved to be different people, broke up 6 months ago on good terms. Continued talking and it looked like we were going to get back together. Today I just told him I am done and that I don't really feel the same way, after he kept insisting to go out on a date after my exams are over. I kept blowing him off and tonight I just had to tell him that I am having doubts. On the phone he said that for the date he brought new dress clothes for him, made a dinner reservation at a really nice restaurant, bought me a pandora gift and ordered a dozen rose. I am a jerk and an everything that he called me, but I need some help. I'm not all peachy and I feel sick to my stomach for doing this. The timing of this is the worst I have a huge calc final in 2 days and if I fail, I fail the course and won't be able to move on in my program. I need some advice on how to focus on studying, how would you go about putting this outta your head for the next two days to study and then grieve over it after?


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  • You nailed it. You need to focus on the task at hand. Simple as that. Turn off your phone, stop checking social media and just get yourself and your calc books to a library and spend hours each day doing that and taking breaks for food where you need to.

    BTW, you have nothing to feel bad about. Your "ex" doesn't get to be with you just because he spent some money. That was dumb on his part. It also proves why he's not worthy.

    Good luck with your calc test. Get off of GAG and start working NOW!

    • I'm sure thers more to the story than him spending money.

      She should be happy that she sent him packing, I would think having him out of the picture should be a relief.

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    • I'm pretty sure I passed & did pretty well :)! Thanks for the advice everyone :)

    • Congrats!

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