Why do I still have feeling for the girl I just slept with?

Well we weren't dating but hanging out for nearly 3 months. My best friend and mother didn't like her from the start and kept telling me she was bad news but I was stubborn and refused to listen (my fault).

Anyway I was thinking things would go great and eventually we would get into a relationship. So last week it happened and we did it more times. We had a great time but apparently things changed within the next day. She wouldn't show online too much and made excuses of being busy, etc. Then I wrote her on my Skype for our next date but never got a replied back.

This really sucks. Now it's like I can't get over her. I'm stuck on that moment, letting a woman see me naked, her perfume, her body, our kisses, foreplay all the way to when we did it. This keeps replaying in my mind over and over.

I'm trying to forget it but can't.


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  • Because while men -can- have sex without developing feelings, that typically only works if they know they can do better, or if they're sleeping with a lot of women, or have.

    • I saw in her something more than just sex. I can't believe she can just move on like that and feel nothing while I'm replaying that event over and over again.

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    • To be blunt, IF you slept around you wouldn't get attached. Whether that's a good or bad thing I won't comment on now, but you stop thinking a girl sleeping with you is so meaningful if you hook up with a lot of girls.

    • I don't want to sleep around just for sex. I want to be wanted and a girl to care about me. I don't think I can ever do that, sleep with a girl and walk away like that. I'm the type of guy that when I first like a girl so much (that's the reason I would date a girl), I want to stay with her.

      I think even if I were to sleep around, I'll still won't forget her. She knew it and told me it was cute for a 20 year-old guy, to still be waiting.

  • "Anyway I was thinking things would go great." > That's why.

    • I thought she had feelings for me too. She seemed like a nice girl.

    • Well, whatever the case, you invested even a smidgen and now you're hooked on an idea despite the reality. Mystery solved.

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