How to stop texting my girlfriend?

Usually when she texts me, I text her back as soon as I can. Then she may take a while until she texts back. I think she may be mad. How can I stop texting her? I am always with my phone constantly checking if she texts


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  • This seems to be a confidence issue. You need to have a little more confidence in her and definitely yourself. I used to have this problem where I too would constantly be checking my phone and my heart would jump for joy when that image of a new message appeared.

    Now, my solution only works if you don't actually NEED your phone for work or anything drastically important (aside from texting your lovely lady back ;) ).

    I distanced myself from my phone and put it on silent, that way my brain wasn't constantly waiting for that 'noise' of a new message received. I distracted myself by going out with my friends and purposely leaving my phone at home, when my boyfriend would text me when I returned I simply told him "I forgot it at home, oops".

    Play video games, go for walks, but leave your phone out of arms length. If you're downstairs, leave it upstairs. If you're in your bedroom, leave it in the living room. It helps I swear. I would go to work and leave my phone at home, and when I would come back it would make it more of a reward to respond to my bf's texts. I also tried matching his timing when responding (if he took 8 min to respond to me I would do the same), it helped level me out when I had that itch to respond so quickly.

    When I would go to bed, I would turn it off and leave it in another room, (even bought myself a different alarm so I wouldn't have to depend on my phone) just keep it out of arms length. Check it once an hour during the day if you must.

    Honestly it only took me about a month to crack my habit of reaching for my phone every second, and I felt so much better about it. I never worried about where my phone was and what text I was missing, I never worried that I HAD to respond right away.

    And be confident in yourself. If she was mad, she'd let ya know ;) I hope my tips help. I know it's hard, in this day and age, to let go of our phones but you can't be so attached to it, be free and try not to take texting so seriously.


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  • Maybe she's just busy or her phone isn't with her

  • read a book instead


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