Boyfriend with mates and his texting? (Short)

When he's with his friends at night or during the day, I'm OK with it, I let him have a good time. So I tell him to go have fun and I stop texting him. The annoying thing is that he doesn't want me to stop. So I continue but then he ends up not replying to me for hours or the whole night when I do text him, leaving me hanging.

Today I got fed up and texted him about it. He replied sorry then his friend texted me hi. I found that a bit rude. I am so mad right now I have turned my phone off.

Am I in the wrong? Someone help.


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  • He probably just was trying to be kind, you know like say... no, you don't have to stop testing me, it's okay you can text if you me if you want. He just means he doesn't want you to put a restraint on yourself for him.

    • Oh I see, thank you :) He apologized and is not doing that again lol.

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