I really like this guy, help? :(

so this guy is in my class, I noticed him looking at me once or twice so I thought of striking up a conversation with him and I got his number but all with the excuse of academic related stuff he is more on the nerdy side and is very into his studies. anyway my problem is he never seems interested in texting he never texts first unless its academic related stuff and sometimes he wouldn't reply back although I found out he never received the messages. the reason why I thought he's into me is because he is such a gentleman to me and always there if I need help he's also always fidgety around me and he never makes eye contact with me like it hurts to look at me or something and once he wouldn't rehearse in front of me for this play thing he had and he told me he can't because he gets nervous around me..? but then at another time he tells me so yeah I am like your big brother etc.. and I am not sure if he was stating that I am like a sister to him or was he questioning if I see him as a brother? I dunoo I am really confused. I figured he's really shy and I was considering just moving on and letting go but then I change my mind and he would ask me to chill with him after class or somethin but usually I do all the moves I'd ask him to keep me company or come with me to this or that and he'd willingly join but he never makes a move. I need help understanding this guy? :(

also if I tell him a shirt looks good on him or so he tells me he'll wear it more often..


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  • You seem to understand him pretty well. Namely he is shy, he seems to like you but he won't ever make a first move so you'd have to do all the initiating if you wanted anything to happen.

    • Would being kinda direct and forward scare a shy guy off?

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    • "I am scared of the risk of getting rejected."

      Yeah you and all the guys your age. So what? It doesn't automatically confer special privileges on you.

      I say the same to you that I say to the guys - if you want something to happen, make it happen. If you don't, it won't.

    • QA: We're all scared of rejection. It's feels terrible. But if you're just going to sit there, twirling your thumbs and wait for this guy to make a move, most likely nothing is going to happen and you're going to be sitting there in regret, wondering 'what if?'. If you want something, you have to work for it. You can't always expect it to be handed to you.

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  • maybe he is too shy to show that he likes you or he just sees you as a sister. Try getting more closer to him and make him feel comfortable around you, and I think it will bring a whole new possibilities

    • would a guy be nervous around his sister though..? and even tell her he wouldn't be able to give his speech if she was in that class with him? it's pretty confusing

    • being nervous around you definitely means he likes you as well but don't know how to act

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  • Just smile at him whenever you run into each other.