Do racial stereotypes have a impact on who you date?

Alright I took this question title from the new feature on GAG. Now even though steretypes are myths, society treats stereotypes like they are the realest thing in human history. So do you believe in stereotypes and do they impact who you choose to date?

  • Yes I willfully believe in stereotypes and yes they impact who I date
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  • Yes I willfully believe in stereotypes, but they don't impact who I date
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  • I'm too smart to believe in stereotypes
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  • I plead the 5th
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  • Stereotypically I am seen as angry, ghetto, on gov assistance, lazy, uneducated, oh and ugly white men don't understand my hair and they think I'm too dark. Yea.. I have NEVER attempted to date outside my race. It isn't that I haven't found any of them attractive I just can't deal in the way that they see me. Most of them believe that stupid mess too.

    • So are you looking for acceptance and validation from them? I know I wouldn't be looking for acceptance and vaildation from any person outside of my race.

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    • As long as you know you're human, that's really all that counts.

    • haha... yea I guess

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  • No. I judge who someone is as a person, not the stereotypes about their race. My boyfriend is black so...if I judged solely by stereotypes then I wouldn't be dating him.

  • No. I prefer to get to know the person first. Sometimes the way someone dresses or acts affects whether I would date them or not but that is a better judgement of them then the color of their skin because they chose that as a way to represent themselves.

  • They have not to me, but I have noticed that other people still tend to disapprove of interracial liasons, even over here in Western Europe.

  • No I'm too smart to beleive in stereotypes duh lol


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