Should I talk to this guy about my feelings?

Okay so there is this guy that I liked a lot but I'm not sure if I still do. I really did like him we were really close to dating but we didn't because there was people that didn't like the fact of him dating me and me dating him. Were still really close even after the drama but I'm confused if I still like him. I'm the type of person that needs human contact to see if that spark is still there (ex: a kiss)(if that makes sense) the one problem is that I don't know how I would bring up the subject or even if I should ask.. I need opinions please!?


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  • Heres a question for you, have you liked anyone after him or have you only felt like this the entire time?

    • Iv'e felt like this the entire time...

    • Then honestly I believe you still like him, think about it, your head is confused, but you hearts not, just get 10 seconds of courage and believe you can tell him how you feel. Or at least how you want thing to be

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  • Id say forget dating him. It's pointless. You'll never be at peace.

    OTHER people dictate your life. If you had to ask this question then the answer is...its not him

  • No. Don't date. Those other people are the boss of you both so if they don't like it you will get in trouble. Be good and obedient like a good little zombie... BARF