Have you ever dated a big hypocrite? How did you handle it?

My current boyfriend is probably the biggest hypocrite I've not only dated, but met. I understand everyone is a hypocrite on some level but he is a HUGE one. From small things to getting mad that I have ex's on social networking sites but saying he won't rid of his ex's because "they made him who he was today" (not that I asked him to, I called him out on being a hypocrite and that was his response?) to bigger things like telling me that I'm not doing jack shit with saving for this child we are about to have but he can spend all his money on weed?

I usually am not one to take this sort of behaviour and this only started occurring within the past 4 months but I already found out it was pregnant and I really would like to try to push through this but I also do not want to allow him to treat me this way as we are going to have a child in a few months. Have any of you dated a hypocrite and got through it? If so, please help me out.


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  • Only one way through this, and that's to tell him that if he wants anything done by you, he needs to be capable of doing something for you to, and this will remove his selfish thinking, otherwise you will have this set for the remainder of your relationship,x


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