What date do you base your anniversary off of?

So when you have your relationship anniversary what date is it based off of?

  • Day you/they asked out
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  • First date
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  • Asked or got asked to be "official"
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  • Other (and what is it?)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I honestly don't remember the day I met her. I just remember the month, somewhere near the middle-end of it, and that it was sunny outside. We never really did the status thing since we both knew how we felt about eachother why bring up seeing others? -- so I can't really answer C either. At some point we referred to eachother as boyfriend/girlfriend but it was a convention you just notice one day and forget when you started it.

    Although technically we would increment our annual age as a couple every time that month rolls around,I tend to follow the easier convention of basing my anniversary off of my (wedding) anniversary. If I need to know the time I've known her in total, I just add how long we've courted for (rounded to the afore mentioned "month") to the number of years married.

    Personally, it seems a little feminine (especially for a guy) to say things like "we've known eachother for 1259 days 16 hours 43 minutes and 22 seconds!" Just saying "a few years" will do :)

    • Haha this question isn't just for myself it's for my girlfriend too. So yes it is partially feminine ;) BUT when people ask I don't know whether to say 6months (day I asked her out) 4 months(asked to be official) 5 months (first date)

    • Well at 17 years into it I'm unlikely to lose any sleep over a 2 month range variance, but I can see where a 6 montth relationship versus a 4 month relationship can sound more important since 2 months disparity is nearly a third of the time (using the 6 month figure).

      Just go with when you first laid eyes on her, since she sounds like a hopeless romantic; you can play the love at first sight angle and make her all warm/bubbly.

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What Girls Said 3

  • i voted C, that's how it is in my culture.. the guy will ask the girl if she could be the girlfriend after days, months to years of courting her so the day she said yes is the day they will base their anniversary. it's definitely not included on the counting if the girl and guy are just dating or on the courtship stage. there's also no physical intimacy or sexual acts happening on that stage.

  • First date. I don't remember the day I was asked out or was asked to be his official girlfriend.

  • I wonder this too and I am often creeped out by people who know the exact dates of these types of events... unless it was like Valentine's day, Christmas. etc. Just go by the general month you started to date that's what I do. I am not very romantic:P


What Guys Said 1

  • At least on TV the first date would seem to be most common but becoming official would seem more personal to me as we know each other well enough at that point to state we have an official relationship.