I had a first date now what?

I had a first date with a guy and I think it went really well, we were joking around and laughing the whole time and making jokes about strip clubs and later dates and if it were to work out. As we got in the car he opened it for me which was really cute adn then walked me to the door of my apartment building. We were standing by the door adn he said I had a great time we will be in touch about another. I said you forsure adn then walked into the building.

SO my question is do you think he will call and if so how long will it take or do you think he sees it more as a friend?

Also we were set up so it was a blind date and before that we spoke on the phone for an an hour. We were supposed to go on a date on Thursday adn than he called me yesterday adn asked if we can do Monday becasue the phone convo went well why push it off , if it goes well we can also do Thursday...


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  • After my first date with this girl I like, she texted me saying she had a fun time and asking how my day was going the other day. You should text him something so he knows you like him. The girl in my experience is setting up the meeting places for me which is kind of awesome because I get to know what she likes. :)

    You could suggest things to him if you want to.

    But can I ask you a question real quick?

    • yeah forsure wahts up

    • Oh I was going to ask you to speculate if this girl still likes me after I asked her to wait a few seconds before her entering her house.

      What I was actually doing was hinting that I want to kiss her without doing it. To see if she was ready or wanted to. All I really wanted to do is show some affection. But, I was wondering if that would be off putting to you?

    • I don't think so

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