Why Did He Ask For My Phone Number But Never Call?

Hey, so I met this guy at a college party Saturday night. We talked for a good while, and he was the one who came over to chat me up. He seemed so nice and he seemed pretty into me, and he nervously asked for my phone number. However, I came with some other people so eventually I went to go find them. I saw him again later that night and he smiled and said "Hey, what's up", but it looked like he was looking for his friends so they wouldn't end up leaving him, lol. I told him I was going outside so we said bye to each other and that was it. He has texted me earlier because I mentioned that he should text me so I had his number too. I texted him back around noon the next day, saying that it was nice meeting him. That was Sunday, now it's Tuesday, and I still haven't heard form him! I know that one of his frat brothers and I have a somewhat strained/ rocky history right now ( I don't want to go into detail here but if you send me a private message, I can explain). I know that talked that night, so does that have something to do with it? Why would he ask for my number but not even text me several days later? Did he think I was cute, or not? lol

I'm not sure what to do now, and I would really appreciate some input from the guys here!


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  • Sounds like he is intimidated by you. You did say he nervously asked for your number, so he might be wanting to call, but keeps talking himself out of it. You could try calling or texting him again with a reason to respond. Even if it is just something simple like a text that asks him what he thought of the party, would give him something easy to respond to. At least then you would have an idea of whether he is avoiding you, or doesn't know what to say.

    Right now he may just not know how to go from having your number to asking you out. Guys are not taught how to ask women out so a lot of us are surprisingly clueless at times.

    • interesting, lol. well I already texted him on Sunday, I said that I like to bake and that if we ever hang out I'll bring him something... but he never responded. it just seems really weird and I'm not sure how to take it

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  • Eh, the realist in me says he could have just gotten your number as someone else he could just talk to or a potential hook up. I've been in college before and I know that's how guys are sometimes, especially frat guys. Just get the number for the hell of it.

    Or maybe because you took a while to message him, he thought you weren't interested in him and just moved on.

    Perhaps he saw the text but was too sleepy, hung over, busy, etc. to respond and forgot.

    Or he might have found out about the history between you and the frat brother.

    Really the possibilities are endless. Honestly, I'd just text him again and see what's up. If he doesn't respond, move on.

  • I don't think you've waited long enough.

    If he's going to call to ask you out, there's no point in calling on a Monday or Tuesday. That's too early to ask you out for the following weekend.

    In fact, if he calls you before Wednesday, that could be considered desperate. So I would say Wednesday should be the earliest. Thursday is also a good option.

    That's assuming he's going to ask you out. If he's not going to ask you out, then there's no point in him calling. He can keep your number on hand for a rainy day when he's bored. Or maybe he's already lost it already. Or maybe your theory is right that the frat bro of his set him straight about having anything to do with you. Guess you'll never know.

    He DID text you to give you his number, so that's something at least. Probably means that it wasn't entirely a whim for him to ask for your number. Anyway, wait a few days and see what happens.


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