Pros and cons of speed dating? Yay or nay?

Have you tried it? I'm kind of interested in it but idk..I'm kind of skeptical! lol


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  • A pro is that it's actually kind of fun. It's a competition to learn how to say everything you need to as quickly as possible. It's really sort of a cute interview.

    A con is that it isn't ... I don't know, formal? It's pretty quick and sort of lacking in substance. I wouldn't say it doesn't work but it's kind of a very hit/miss thing where you mistake chemistry for one mins. of charm, etc.

    • Did you ever have any luck in it? Do you know if they do background checks on the people prior?

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    • Don't worry, you won't, most of the people there are decent and the few that are there to get laid fail to realize it's not a club at all. You need to actually sound interesting.

    • lol, oh. Well, just have fun!

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  • There's usually not enough participants unless you are in a big city. Also, most of the people are older.


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