What's your horrible online dating experience?

Online dating is becoming more and more common. There have been many success stories as well as disaster stories. I met someone and ended up moving in with a guy and months later found out he was a felon. It reminded me of "Who the bleep did I marry". Have any of you had some horror stories?


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  • haha online dating can be pretty dangerous sometimes.I have had a similar experience.Goodness what a disaster! So I meet this guy and we talk and fall in love.We chatted almost everyday and used to talk over the phone. We even decided to get married and he was gonna send me an engagement ring and was gonna visit me soon.(he was from a far away land)

    so we keep chatting but then I see him flirting with this Asian chick online in front of me. I even asked him a couple of times wethe rhe is cheating and he says no that I am over reacting blah blah. Aftr a month or two he and that Asian chick message me and confess that both of them love each other and as if all of that wasn't enough he says I am ugly and should go to hell.Wow we can't really trust people nowdays your know specially over the internet


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