Did you have a similar experience, like me, with the person you liked?

If so how did you deal with it?

I was planning on asking out this one girl that I liked once I got my drivers license in late January. I know she had a crush on me two years ago. Unfortuantealy, my crush's friend introduced her to this one guy across state and they began dating. I was obviously pretty pissed off at this.

Out of curiosity I looked the guy she's dating up on Facebook and I found out that he is so freakin ugly, and I'm NOT saying that because he's dating my crush. I just simply can't see why she would date him...

So has anyone had a similar experience? How did you deal with it? In the end, did you end up dating that person?


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  • Sort of, but really you just have to get over it and support whoever they are dating. Looks obviously doesn't matter to her and you can either wait or move on and meet other people. It's not her fault but yours for not asking earlier so you can either get pissed off or do something and take your mind off it. Their relationship may not last or it may end up being serious and either way it shouldn't stop you from meeting other people.

  • Yeah it happens but don't be discouraged. Just pray and you will eventually meet somebody else and next time don't wait so long to ask somebody out.


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