Uhhh still running into people you liked/into?

I have a girl a met out once outside a club and we became friends on Facebook I would text her flirting slash gave her a lot of compliments.

Then I moved away and moved back she never really responded to my Facebook messages just randomly likes my post etc . I deleted her she didn't seem that interested.

Now I see her at gym she still smiled and like waved at me and I just ignored it and shook my head, went to check in.

Should I talk to her in person and possibly ask her out or just quit wasting my time being friendly to girls that don't want much to do with me.


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  • You shouldn't have deleted her from your Facebook account. I have people on my Facebook profile that I never talk to even though we are both routinely online at the same time. When you take somebody off your friend's list on Facebook, you are sending a message to that person that you have a problem / irritation with them and you are no longer on good terms with them. You should never take somebody off your friends list simply because you are no longer in regular contact with them because they might not understand that.

  • Be cordial. You've initially tried. If she's interested, she already knows you and will step to you. So yeah..right now, just go about your business. It seems like it could just be timing -on "her" time.


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