Was I not good enough for him?

I dated a guy for a month and I like him but I mean I wasn't in love with him, I enjoyed his company..

than I invited him to my place , and I usually don't let people in here because I'm guarded ..and maybe insecure ? so I gave it a shot..

and the date went great and we had fun and all...but the next day he totally "broke"up with me..saying our age difference was the reason , he is 28 and I am 21 and I live in a student dorm..and he said he is done with the student life, but than his other reason was that his life was a bit chaotic at the moment cause he lives with his parents because of his new job and he is trying to get his own place and he needs to get his life in place.. we are both persians By the way.

anyways I bought the idea he gave me thinking it was the truth but I have realized he gets new girl friends on Facebook and they are around 21-24 and they are not persians they are blond white girls..and some are students as well..and he hasn't talked to me for weeks now..

basically I felt like I wasn't good enough for him and that hurt me alot..cause I'm very honest and loyal..and now feel like crap , do I not have anything to offer him ? what to the other girls have that I dont? he did say he has never dated a persian but neither have i..and it sucks cause we clicked so well and things were great untin he came and visited me..

and he was the one who wanted date me and than suddently changed his mind..
and after he mentioned the chaos in his life he said I absolutley want to see where this is going, you are great! ..right ..


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  • Next time see other guys at the time, keep it light withought getting much feelings involved seeing where it goes and expecting more in life then from them if you know what I mean

  • im wanting to know if you had sex with him that night and if you did was it the first time? because if it was the first time and you gave it up it might of just been sex he wanted. But I don't know your relationship with him.

    and the answer to your question is no, YOU are TOO good for him my friend