Guys, 20+, what do you think about

dating younger women (for guys in their late twenties, maybe someone 5-8 years younger), guys in their early twenties, what do you think about dating someone maybe 2-3 years younger?

The woman is younger but is in her second year of college, has a stable job, has friends your age or older, etc.

Ex.: 26 year old guy, 18 year old woman

Ex.: 20 year old guy, 18 year old woman


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  • I am not looking to hook up with some random girl. I want a real relationship. For me to date someone that young she would first need to demonstrate that she is a responsible person, that is capable of handling a mature relationship. So far that hasn't happened. For the most part I would consider 25 to be the cut off limit. Women below 25 just keep failing to earn my respect.

    Now if the guy feels he is desperate, or is just looking for sex then age is likely not going to be as much of an issue.

    • I understand what you mean and I feel the same way about dating younger. However, I think there are some women under 25 who are ready for a real relationship. Just like there are women over 25 who are not ready for a real relationship.

      What happens to make these women "fail to earn your respect"?

    • It could be a lot of things. For the most part they are the same things that would show a lack of maturity in a man. I would say the most common problems I see are, being too lazy to hold down a full time job, and going out and getting hammered nearly every weekend, not taking care of their child if they have one. I am sure there must be some women that are below 25 that I could respect, but those are not the ones I am running into.

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  • I wouldn't rule someone out because of their age. As long as we connected mentally, got along and enjoyed each others company, I'm fine with what ever age.

  • If the chemistry is there, the chemistry is there I suppose. The age gap is really stretching it though, the guy is old enough to be that girl's teacher in some cases.

    • True. I just think that an 18 year old college sophomore with roughly the same lifestyle as a 20/21 year old college sophomore is somewhat passable. I mean, she's legal, in college, and acts appropriately, so there shouldn't be a problem, right?

    • Yeah, should be fine. Like I said, chemistry is chemistry.

  • I wouldn't completely write her off, but honestly, I haven't really met women under 21 that had the level of maturity I'm used to. I did meet one that was pretty mature for 20 but really that's an exception more than a rule.

    I'm 24, and she would really have to be something else for me to date at 18-19. Like I said, I wouldn't write her off though. The thing is, I've always hung out with people older than me. Ever since high school I always was around people 3-4 years older. So I rarely come across a woman that is much younger than me and being like the people I'm comfortable around/used to.

    • What makes her 'mature' in your eyes?

    • It's her attitude. The way she conducts herself. In terms of responsibility.

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