Has anyone ever been speed dating? what's it like? Any tips?

I'm stuck on a girl who doesn't like me. So I figured the best possible way to mend this is to meet other woman and the fastest way would be speed dating. Any tips, is it very daunting and nerve wrecking or is it fun. What are good conversations and what are dos and donts?


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  • Think if some good questions before you get there so there's minimal silence

    • what would you like a guy to ask you. A fun casual sort of Q&A

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  • Yes. I've been a few times. I've generally enjoyed it and even ended up in a relationship for a bit as a result.

    First a few observations: If you're in a major city, there will be LOTS of these events. If you're feeling nervous, pick one that's not in your neighborhood and it will be easier for you to take a "why should I care--I'm never going to see these people again" approach. Interestingly, the more you can truly get yourself into that mindset, the better.

    Second, I was surprised by the quality of some of the girls. You won't find any 9s or 10s there (at least I never did) but you will fine a fair few 7s and the occasional 8. So that's good.

    Third, if there's time to mingle beforehand, get a drink and mingle. And talk to EVERYONE--guys included. This will be a good way to loosen up and get yourself into a chatty mood. Don't look around like a stalker while you do this. Remember--you're going to see most, if not all of these girls soon anyway, so play it cool. Just engage the nearest person in a fun, interesting conversation. Because the girls WILL be looking around like stalkers, and when they see you, you want them to see a cool guy who's having fun with other people--NOT a creepy dude looking for a lone impala on the plains of the Serengeti.

    What else--just keep it casual and flowing. Ask questions that are open ended--not yes/no questions. Keep good eye contact and occasionally look at her lips. If you like the girl, when the ring the bell, thank her and tell her you really enjoyed the conversation.

    At the end you'll be asked to mark all of the girls you'd like to see again and they'll do the same for you. Again, don't sweat it--think of this as PRACTICE. I found that of 10 girls, there would on average be about 3 who I found interesting and one in ever 3 or 4 girls that I found interesting wanted to see me too.

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

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