What should I do, not to hurt them...?

ye... Hi... So I am in this case, a really sc*mbag f*cking b*astard...

You see I started to date this girl online... Feels like I really like her and I really wanna be with her... But I don't feel anything, it's like ... ugh... just unexplainable ... But ... I've actually kissed another girl just a few hours ago... And I can't help too feel attraction to her, but not the girl online ;x... please tell me what should I do... Doesn't matter what happens to me, what do I do, to get out of this in a way, neither would cry or get sad...?

Some of the girls might say "Tell her the truth"... ya... gonna tell my online girlfriend that I made out with a girl... make her cry... sad... desperate and ruin her holidays... yay for the f*cking truth...

wow... this is me asking for help... Anyways please advice me something...


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  • hm. well, is the girl that you kissed wanting a relationship with you?

    and FYI, I think you don't feel anything with the girl online because you haven't seen her in person...ya know? But, then again, I could be wrong. You said you like her and etc...maybe you just need to meet up with her?

    And, honestly, this might sound very mean, but I wouldn't take an online relationship seriously anyway unless you have actually met up and stuff..

    I would just tell the girl online that you aren't into the online thing and you just want to be friends for now and see where it leads. That way, there is still a friendship that could lead into something else later..

    I would not tell her the truth. For all you know, she has done the same thing you did...It is online.

    I know a lot of people will hate my comment haha but I am being completely honest and

    trying my best to give you advice and not hurt either girls. And, that is the best way.


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  • Block her

  • Tell her nothing just stop contacting her, don't respond to her calls.

    Block her if you must. If your not attracted to her well your just not. For get about her and pursue the current situation.

    Hope that helped.


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