Guy's behavior confuses me!

I like to keep things short and simple but since your thoughts matter on this subject, I'm going to tell the whole story so you know more.

There is this guy I went out with once in high school 13 years ago. When he found out I was getting a divorce a few months ago, he looked me up on fb and we didn't talk much but he it was clear he was interested. I went to church a few weeks ago and I get a tap on my shoulder and it's him. I said hey and gave him a side hug. In the week or so he text me almost every day, he flirted a little bit. Then his texts stopped all last week. But then he "poked" me on Facebook this past Friday and I poked back. Although I wondered if he poked me by accident. I even asked him lol. Also he had said in a previous text that next time he saw me in church he would sit by me. So he did texted me and asked if I was at church. I was and he came sat by me just this past Sunday. I wasn't even expecting him to because I thought maybe he lost interest although I couldn't figure out why. is what's odd: he looked really uncomfortable for some reason. He would not look at me or anything. Matter of fact, he appeared to be looking for someone else. He sat by me but avoided me? I wasn't even expecting to see him. (It's a HUGE church) So after church I just got my stuff and walked out, we didn't say a word. Then all of a sudden I get a text asking if I wanted to go out to eat lunch with him (our first "date" I guess). I'm confused but I let it go. I don't bring it up. So I did lunch with him and I thought it went well. I don't hear from him Sunday night or Monday. So I decided to send him a fb message Monday night and this is what I said "Hey, just want to say thank again for lunch yesterday. It was great catching up with you and meet your dog. Hope you have a great week." 2 minutes later he responds: "Yeah, I had fun too."

I am totally confused. I'm getting mixexd signals. Someone please tell me what's going on?!

Btw, don't tell me what I want to hear. I want honesty. And GUYS only please! Because this is a guy problem lol.
Is there a way for me to find out if he's still interested WITHOUT making a fool of myself or making it awkward between us? Just a subtle way to gauge his feelings without any risks.


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  • Ever consider that he may feel like he's getting "mixed signals" from you? Just say or do something to remove any doubt in his mind that you're interested (if you are).


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  • Oh come on. It is obvious he want's a kind of relationship with you. It depends if you want the same thing as well. He may be asking you out again or wait for you to make the offer to find out if you are interesed in him too.

    • surely he knows I'm interested! But here is the thing, I don't chase guys. I don't ask guys out but at the same time if they show an interest, I usually encourage them somehow. But this guy is clearly not at ease talking to me. I just wonder if maybe I'm a distraction from someone that's on his mind or maybe make someone jealous or maybe he met someone else. I don't know! I got the feeling he lost interest but I really don't know. I wish he would give me a clear signal. I don't want to be used.

    • Another option then could be,you talk to him straight about it and ask him what does he want from you.

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  • this isn't a guy problem. this is a you problem. you don't need strangers looking into their chrsytal ball to tell you how he feels. you need to do something concrete and find out yourself.

    ask him if he wants to date, and stop dicking around. once you ask him out you will know exactly what's going on. all this confusion is easily resolved, by you're not doing nothing is just away of keeping everything up in the air.

    if it doesn't work move on. its not complicated.

    doesn't it get exhausting just telling people how happy they make you, while you have no idea what's going on. instead of just being proactive and getting stuff done and getting on with your life. how long do you want to sit around in confusion?

    if you really think he knows you're intrested, then you not really losing anything by telling him sand making sue, are you,

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