Psychologically, why did he do this?

I’ve noticed that this guy who specifically stated he sees me as a friend has been teasing me every day this week. One of the days he decided to take my phone to start looking through my messages. I found that he’s very concerned with who I’m texting and when I say I’m not texting anyone he doesn’t believe me. Now he’s gone a step further by taking my phone. He clicked on the texts between me and him and this is what he wrote: “HIS NAME you’re the best and I’m going to give you my phone”

While typing this response he had his back toward me, but I hovered over him and noticed him smiling. He sent the message to himself through my phone, so when he received the message later it would seem as though I texted him. Have you ever heard of people doing things like this? If so, why psychologically/subconsciously do they do it?


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  • LOL who sends text messages to themselves?

    • Hahaha I have no clue why anyone would want to do that. It's like even though it will come up as me on his phone, he consciously knows he was the one who typed it. I thought maybe he was trying to tell me that he wants me to give him compliments (like he's the best) without coming out and actually saying it?

  • No that's weird..