Ever felt relived that a bar you went to regulary closed down?

there was this bar in my hometown that I was in a love hate relationship with , I hated the place and though girls there were sexy but very mean and next to impossible to date . but I still sent there often on Saturday nights for something to do as its a smaller city and not a lot of social options here and did have some friends who also went from time to time .

anyways I found out last weekend the bar has closed down and no longer in business as a nightclub . to be honest I feel somewhat relived that I can't go there anymore as it closing down was about only way I was going to stop going there and now I can move on with my life . even though I know I wasn't going to have much success or land any dates there , to be honest in entire time which was a few years of going to this bar I don't recall ever getting a phone # , buying a girl a drink or dancing with a girl but I still went and don't even know why .


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  • You probably just didn't fit in. Every bar/club has a niche or scene they cater to and if you don't fit that scene then you won't get play. I live in a smaller city and I prefer to drive about 25 miles out to the next largest city to party. I feel like the club in my town has too many people I went to school with and I'd like to forget about those days lol

    • maybe but its weird there is another bar across the street a small pub / restaurant and I'd see a lot of the same girls in it on Friday nights usually and they talk to me there and were a lot nicer to me there and I did have conversations with some of them at that pub . but at this nightclub a lot of the same girls would ignore me , be rude and not want much to do with me it was like they weren't the same person

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  • I got out kicked out of a cultural club that I used to visit everyday because of my age: The cut off was 26 and I was 28 years old but I think getting kicked out of that club benefitted me because it forced me to look for social interaction else where with people that are closer to my age.

    • I had likely reached the age limit for that bar anyways and would of been looking elsewhere soon to meet singles closer to my age , but feel for poor 18 and 19 year olds in this town , they waited so long to be able to go to the bar this summer but now its closed and they won't ever get t even experience it . but I guess something else will appear for them to do instead .

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