If a girl didn't come on a date because she is sick what to text her?

A girl bailed on our date. We were supposed to go to the movies.

This is what she texted me:

"I think I'm not gonna go today because I feel sick. I also have to work early tomorrow :(. I'm sorry and I promise to go to the cinema with you another day. I hope you can understand."


What shall I reply?

  • That's cool, I wouldn't want to catch your cudies.
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  • Are you okay?!? Do you want me to call Dr. House for you?
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  • Thats okay get better. Would you like me to bring some Hot Chocolate?
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  • Im already there...
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  • Ignore
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If you were already there, this is pretty shitty and lame on her behalf and probably she wasn't sick, but you never know.

    If she gave you fair warning, then I think there's a good chance she's being honest. My personal experience is that if people want to go out they will generally try to schedule or defer to a different day. It seems like she is partially doing this, though I normally try to actually offer up a specific day to make it seem less vague and less like I am going to defer something indefinitely.

    I would definitely play along with the sick. Chance is it is true. I think better to be nice and safe.

    Also, if you want to check up on whether she is really interested, ask her to suggest a day that would work for her for a reschedule or ask her to call you once she is feeling better (if she has a longer-term type of sick ex. flu, fever). This way you are off the hook about chasing her. If she is sincere about wanting to meet you two she will suggest a time, if not, she will find an excuse to put it off and re-discuss later, but never contact you. Very simple and either way you'll know.


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What Girls Said 4

  • It sounds like she genuinely wants to go out with you and didn't just flake. Just say you hope she feels better and you'll take the rain check. If she's your friend or you're close at all, you can ask/offer to bring her anything.

  • C. Perfect balance of sympathy and flirtation.

  • While I voted for "C" I would have to say if she begins to cancel a lot, she is either flakey or not interested.

  • I hope you feel better


What Guys Said 5

  • If this is the FIRST time she flaked on you just wish her a get well soon.

    You can play your push and pull game after. (Answer A )

    Dont be an asshole and ignore - you will just stand no chance after that if she respects her self.

    Dont appear desperate and say `Im already there ... she will think she got you by the balls = More work for you to get her.

  • Voted C cause it was the closest I could see my answer going to. I was thinking something like "That's OK, hope you feel better. If you need anything let me know." Same idea.

  • Ignore her text and toss her phone number in the trash. A canceled date is a deal-breaker. Next!

    • She promises to go with him another day. Plus at least she canceled and didn't stand him up.

    • I agree I mean who's to say she wouldn't do this again? And anyone can fake being sick I've done it and know people who pretended to be sick.

  • Sounds like she stood you up to be honest. If you ask to go out again on another day and she says no I can't or some other excuse there's your answer.

  • Dude , if this is the FIRST time , give her another chance.

    Things happen in life , don't assume until you know.

    If it happens again then you can decide to toss her number away.

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