I really like this woman but don't want to scare her!

So I was talking to this woman and everything was going good!We had a date planned and we were going to church.Then her house burnt down sadly!I felt so bad for her I donated some money,went to some friends houses and got cloths for her and her kids!Then went buy her a bunch of items from the store!Well I brought them to her and spent the day!We huggef and said goodbuy!Its been 3 days sinceshes contacted me!I didn't want to bother her Because she has a lot going on but I feal she should have at least texted by now.I think I scared her away!Suks Because I Haven't dated anyone in 3 years and I really like her!Do yall think I should wait for her to contact me or should I text her something nice or just texf?

Idk we aren't official but I'm pretty sure she was hinting and liking me befire her place burnt down,i can wait until things are better its not everyday that I find a woman who makes me daydream only 2 other woman in my life to be exact so I have time its just I get nervous and I'm not exactly myself aroynd her suks because I'm really sociable and a people person I don't know I'm so confused I wana just text her and flirt with her or just talk or wateva but then I don't know if I should if she needs space or sonething idk
Talking on and off internet for 6months and recently hanging oit for 3 weeks see I'm the kinda person when I like someone I like to take it slow and get to no that person ya no maybe I move to slow I don't know ahhhh lol
Sooooo confused


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  • Do whatever is natural to you, if you feel like texting then go right ahead. A lot of people go by these rules that really don't help. Its unnatural, if you want someone wouldn't you want to fall for who they are rather this image they are selling? That being said, I think you should text her to see how everything is going. Keep in mind she is overwhelmed and relationships is probably not on her list right now. Not to say it won't be in the future and also not to say she doesn't have feelings for you. She might need a guy who genuinely likes her without intention to have to achieve a relationship right away. Just someone who can be there for her and accept where she is in her life..And right now that life,...looks crumby . Be there as her support, chit chat with her like a friend,

    How long have you guys been dating anyways?


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