The guy I date says I have done so much for him and feels bad for not taking me out as much.

He has been penny pinching because times are tight for him right now.

I really Haven't done anything out of the ordinary except give him some

coupons or make him the occasional dinner.

He says he's not used to people doing things for him so its new for him.

He called me last night and said he felt bad for not taking me out as much. It has never bothered me.

How can I get him not to feel so bad?

Do I hold back on doing things for him or what? advice appreciated :)

basically I have been reciprocating back all what he has done for me, which has been quite alot.


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  • Have an evening in. Have a date at home, go for a walk in the park. Do simple things and express how much those things mean to you. Let him know how you feel. Is there something you need help with? Hanging a shelf? Checking something on your car? Ask him to go shopping , let him feel as if you need help picking out a last minute gift for someone. Little things like this are just as good as a night out. Then send him a message the next day letting him know how thankfull you are. How much you enjoyed such a simple night.

    • thanks for the great suggestions. He does all that for me and more and I always tell him how much I appreciate him and what he does for me. Maybe he is just insecure, I don't know. He says he feels he should be taking me out more and I told him I didn't have a problem with him not.

    • Sounds a little short on money makes him insecure. I have been on both sides of that fence. As a guy you want to take your girl out, show her a good time, spoil her. You want to do things like that as much as possible. I personally like an evening in just as much, but know many women like to be taken out. He might be used to women who want to be taken out. Some aren't content unless shown a night on the town. Financial troubles can leave him insecure. Feels good to take care of or spoil his lady

    • I didn't think about past girlfriend that's a very good point. Maybe he is used to girls wanting to go out all the time. Good poimt.

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  • he just as little money

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