If a guy doesn't care about you, then he doesn't care about who you go out with, right? HELP GUYYYYS

Long story short, dated a guy very briefly about a year ago. He had just dumped his girlfriend at the time and I knew he needed time to heal from that.

In all honesty I couldn't help myself, I just totally adored him and feel for him fast. He was vulnerable and it just didn't work out.

He broke up with me but since then he tried to keep strings attached to me one way or another, even if it was just subtly. I couldn't take it though because I really felt for him and I just got upset anytime I saw him or spoke to him.

Eventually things got sour and awkward between us and I lost all of my self-esteem, so I deleted him from my life.

After that he made sure to put all of his friends off of me and only highlighted the bad things about me. One of his other friends took a fall for me and he kicked up a fuss about it saying it would be too awkward for him if we ever went out.

Honestly, why have a problem with me dating another guy. I want to move on and be treated properly, not like a rebound.

Do you think he still might have underlying feelings for me or is he just a typical jealous male?


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  • He doesn't want you but. No one else can either

    He's just selfish

    • hmm that's totally selfish :(

    • I completely agree with you. I've been in this situation before and it's confusing as hell. Honestly the best thing to do is what is best for you. Forget him

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  • Your long question didn't say much about the heading. If he's not going out with you he should not have any say about who you go out with.


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