If a girl says she's going to call/text/message/etc a guy, but doesn't, does she want him to initiate?

All in the question title. I've had a couple girls say they'd get in touch with me, but end up not doing so.

I'll give a couple examples:

1) She said she was going to see a movie with her friends and wanted me to come along. She said she'd call me with more details...never did

2) She went away for a bit during the summer and when she got back I sent her a text telling her I wanted to hear all about her trip. She sounded really excited to hear from me and said she'd call me...never did.

3) She wished me happy bday in person but said that she would post an official happy bday on my timeline...never did

Now, these girls weren't random girls, I'd known them between 7 months to a few years, and there had been indicators of interest like light touching and laughing at crap I'd say, so I don't think I'm too delusional thinking that they were interested.

The fact that they never followed through when they said they would leads me to wonder if they were dropping hints that they wanted me to contact them. Does this sound like something you girls would do? Or were they just being teases?


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  • She's not really that into you. That being said, interest can change. When I met my dude I was not really interested in him, but he pursued me hard and I ended up changing my mind about him. If he sat around waiting for me to contact him first I probably never would have.

    Also, laughing at funny comments and lightly touching isn't really strong interest. That means yeah she could like you but it doesn't mean her panties get wet at the thought of you. If you want the girl bad enough then you will have to work harder to raise her interest level. Some guys may complain that they "shouldn't have to" but it is what it is. If the girl isn't as interested in you as you need her to be, then go after her and charm her until she is.

    Now that's it. That's all the free game I'm giving out today.


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  • Doesn't sound like she in INTO you. Before I started realizing that I could say I am not interested and not care I used to tell a guy I would call him if I wasn't interested.lol However, she could be waiting for you. I guess there is only one way to find out. The real question is if you are interested in her why are you waiting?! Be a MAN! Take care of business like a man. Ask her and you will get your answer. Be direct... A REAL WOMAN LOVES A REAL MAN. A REAL MAN GOES AFTER WHAT HE WANTS REGARDLESS OF HOW THE OTHER FEELS. If you get shot down at least you did it with dignity and courage.

    • This is all happened in the past, so it's all moot at this point. I was just asking for future reference.

  • Honestly, that's what me and my friends do to this guy friend of ours. Sometimes he can be really annoying so it's just easier to "forget" to contact him.


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  • YOU are the man you make the contact FIRST !

    • That doesn't really answer the question.

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    • StandUP just stop pls.

    • I will never apologize for my beliefs . I am not trying to convert you so please stop hitting me with you man made moral bible ! thankyou

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