I like him a lot but I don't want to date him? Why am I like this? Anyone else no?

I am in 3rd year university and I've never actually had a boyfriend. Guys have asked me out before and I have had loads of crushes but I've never dated since I wasn't allowed to and school has always been my first priority. By crushes I mean goodlooking, great personality guys whom I've only talked to once/twice for 3 seconds during the time I was in high school type of crushes. There's this guy I like and although he is not gorgeous, he does have an amazing personality. He's really outgoing, funny and smart. I would also say I'm smart but I'm very shy and a little bit socially awkward. To be honest, if he didn't always talk to me and befriended me, I wouldn't even have had liked him. But he did and I really like him but I don't want to have a boyfriend right now and I don't really want to date him. I can't see us going to the movies together and have people say you guys look good together. However, I do like him, I would just know when he's around because my eyes would drift his way even if I had no idea he'd be there. Am I the only one who's like this? Have you ever had this happen to you? He didn't start talking to me because he liked me, he is just a really friendly guy who loves to talk to everyone.



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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, happens all the time, you like someone a lot but you aren't attracted to them

    • He's average looking but his personality makes up for his looks. Would you ever go out with someone like this?

    • yes, if I was attracted to them. But if I was not attracted, no matter what their personality, I would not

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  • Who cares what he looks like if you like him but if you don't feel right about dating him then be friends only.

    • It's not that I don't want to date him because he's average looking. I really like him but for some reason I don't want to date him. It might be because I have no experience when it comes to dating or anything

    • I do get very jealous when she talks to other girls.

    • You like him but he's just not someone you want to date, no big deal, friendzone him and find someone you WANT to date.

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