A guy I met throw a dating site. What is he about?

About a month ago this guy massaged me on a dating site,

I liked what I saw so we started msging each other back and forth

Two weeks later he drove 5 hrs to come see me...

We met and liked each other kept on texting back and forth

Two weeks later he told me his leaving the country for 3 weeks..

I don't know why but for some reason I decided to make a fake

Account as a different girl on the dating site, no picture, and in another country (the country his visiting now)

So here's the crazy part I log in today and there's a message from him

Asking if she (the fake profile I made) would like to hang out

I'm shocked I honestly thought am the only girl he wants

To talk too on that site, why is he asking and msging a girl

Who has no damn picture if she would like to hang out

Is he this desperate or am I over reacting please be honest

By the we are kind of serious, he wants to meet my family

And I meet his as soon as he gets back.. He also would talk about the future with me. I just don't understand :/


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  • You only met once, you are not in a committed relationship with the guy. If your interested in a relationship with someone quit playing games.

    The guy is 5 hours away when he is in the country. That's not a very good distance to start a relationship with someone. If you want a serious relationship look for men who are less than an hour from you and not leaving the country and who are as interested in a real relationship as you are.