Should I expect to hear from this girl?

My roommate's girlfriend is always trying to set me up with girls and so she invited my roommate's cousin to dinner with some of our other friends. The cousin came back to our place to hang out for a while, and the next day I got her number to text her. This was right before thanksgiving, so the girl was back home that week, then the next couple weeks she was busy with school, work, etc.

I texted her every now and then those first couple weeks and had let her know I'd like to hang out with her sometime. She said she'd let me know when she was free and not so busy. During her finals week I just checked in once more and hinted I'd like to see her if she was hanging around before going home for Christmas break. She said she wasn't sure of her plans during the break but would be back in town a couple days and would let me know.

So this is going on a couple weeks ago that she said that. I haven't texted her since because I don't want to pester her or anything and she never actually got back to me. So I get all indications say she's not interested, but I still have a couple questions.

How dumb is it to actually expect to hear back from her at this point?

Just for argument's sake, taking into account that she was in school, working, now home, is it realistic to think she could be interested and really was/is too busy right now? Wouldn't a girl arrange at least something if she was interested?

Should I even bother contacting her come January after she gets back and things have settled down for her?


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  • It sounds like she really isn't interested for whatever reason. I wouldn't text her again, she knows your interested, let her contact you if she wants to be in touch.


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  • let her reach out to you first if she's interested

  • I wouldn't contact her again. Doesn't sound like she is interested.


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