If a guy who likes you doesn't text you back in a few days, is something wrong?

So I like this guy and he likes me and we've been texting for a while, everyday. And he hasn't texted me back since yesterday. Is something wrong? I know you don't need to talk to someone everyday, but after talking to someone everyday you just become used to it, you know? And I just got back in town (I go to school out of state, so we couldn't have just met up)

typo in the title! sorry the extra 'y' isn't needed there!


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  • One day doesn't mean a few days. :p

    Maybe he's busy and doesn't have the time to text. Maybe he didn't want to start texting because there would be long pauses between messages? Or his phone died and hasn't had the opportunity to charge it yet. The possibilities are endless.

    Seeing as you guys have been talking every day and seem to like each other, I don't think he's uninterested.

    Don't worry so much about it right now. Text him as you normally would, whether or not you messaged him last and see if he replies. It's late (at least here) so he might not reply right away so give him a day or so. If he doesn't message you tomorrow/later today, call him if you can. If no luck, then you MIGHT have something to worry about.

    Good luck.


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  • if your interested then you text first. don't never wait on a guy cause you could be waiting forever. guys are weird when it comes to contacting like phones,fb,etc. guys like to show up in person.

  • Have the same thing going on with a nice woman I had met a while back. Sometimes I take a little break though just so I won't appear too anxious.

  • maybe. could mean he's jsut busy and you aren't his first priority.


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