Poll: why do men persist with "hardtoget"?

I've noticed that when I'm not keen in dating , the guy is way more interested . If I'm as keen as them, they aren't as emotional and dot pursue as much . Why is that?

For example one guy I talk to but don't agree to date, pursues me regardless . He's sweet, attentive the works. It's almost as though he is this way, because I don't give in. Te basis of the rejection is religious difference by the way - I'm catholic he's Muslim.

  • Because men respect a woman who has standards and isn't "easy".
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  • Because it's a chase - once it's over they find a new one, unless you can maintain mystery and interest...
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  • Because it's something different and mysterious - a challenge
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  • They want what they can't have


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  • the chase is fun