Texting after a date

At then end of a date, if a guys says 'text me when you get home so I know you made it ok,' does that mean he's interested?


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  • That would be a yes. Especially if this was sent within 15 minutes of your disburse. Guys take 15 minutes or less to decide if they want to go on a second date, when girls take at least an hour on most occasions.

    Him saying that to you was showing that he cares, and if he cares, he is definitely interested and also wants to make sure your safe.

    I don't know what happened on this date, but from what you ask here, I would say this guy is a keeper.

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    PS: I am always here to help I come on daily so just drop a message and add to friends if you need anything. Also, sorry for such a vague answer, I usually make my advice and answers pretty big and detailed, but I did not have much to work with here.


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  • Yes, he likes you! Rofl that 1 went over your head. rofl

  • yes, he is interested cause he makes sure you are safe(caring).


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