Can you start anything when you live far away?

I'm always meeting girls that I'd like to date, that are unfortunately just visiting and come from very far away. Like states that are hundreds, even thousands of miles away.

For some reason, I can't hit it off with any local girls. Meh, I hate where I live but can't move right now because I'm stuck in a graduate program...

My question, and this is probably going to sound silly and desperate, is there anyway to start something with a girl who lives far away who you can't currently physically date? Or would girls not even consider a guy they met who is so far away, even if you two briefly shared some chemistry?

Thank you to those who told me to go for it, particularly jessica849!

I wish I had listened sooner. I'm now involved with a lovely girl who lives over 1,000 miles away from me. We both travel to see each other.
Advice to other dudes: This seems to work if you both really like travelling, and have the means to do so. If only one person travels, it creates an imbalance so that's not as good. Start out as just friends and see where things go.


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  • If you find a girl that you really have a connection with that lives far away, yes, try it. It will make you happy, motivate you every day, and keep her happy as well. LDRs aren't always a good idea but there would be an end in sight which is key- once you finish your graduate program you can move close to her, which is the reassurance a girl needs to give someone long distance a try.

    I say go for it.

    • Thanks! Have you ever done it?

    • I've been in this situation several times with guys that keep in touch. I'm actually back there again. I'd say it takes a certain type of girl to go for this, you've got to make sure she's quality and not just a whore, but girls are romantics so there's definite possibility.

      Feel free to message me if you want to talk more about this. I feel your pain!

    • I just sent you a friend request, so I can message you. Definitely interested in hearing more!

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  • Same case here bro... the mentality of girls at my place doesn't match with mine, at least the girls I've met were not my type but I have some friends, girls, from other countries, have usually the same mentality but from my experience LDR doesn't work even though you give all your effort to it...

  • You can but it might be extremely difficult. If you're talking about states or even countries, it'd be really tough. I had a hard time just trying to date one of my ex's who was only 4 hours away IN THE SAME STATE. If you have to, then try it but don't do it if you plan on just doing it to have a girlfriend. You'll wind up hurting yourself and even worse, her!