How low can a girl get?

After a lot of dates overf 3 months, she tells me I she is not ready ot date again and told me sorry I can be who you want. I said OK, I understand if you don't want that now.

2 weeks later, after telling me this BS, I see her in a relationship with some1. After she told me all this crap. Maybe I overreacted and told her srcrew you and took her off my FB. Maybe I didn't get the hints and did it to my self. I was kinda hurt alittle.

The guy was some one she was engaged to, but broke it off since he was a drug dealer. Doesn't do it anymore, but why she go back? I just think it was terrible that I was lied too. What kind of world is this. That's the lowest thing that any one has done to me ever. !

Any one have that happen?


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  • She was trying to spare your feelings, and spare herself the awkwardness of being honest. What she really meant was I don't want to date YOU. She went back to the ex . . . hopefully they can make it work this time (although usually it doesn't). She's not the one for you if she wants someone else. Yes I've had this happen to me.


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  • Dude, you're going to need to get over this. In the long run, she did you a favor. At least you tried and now know for sure that there is no probability of you 2 having anything. So move on to the next ( hopefully better ) girl!

    • well of course I will move on. I told her off

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    • A real man doesn't let his emotions control him, little immature boys get emotional, think about that in the future.

    • I agree with you. Hey I apolyigized to her for what I said. But there are millions of girls out there. That was one that was her loss.

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