Why she sends nice, warm BUT short one sentence Facebooks texts,nothing deep enough just sort of criptic?

And she never starts the text, only responds to my first initial texts. she's my wifes cousin from hungary so I'm in the states and we text from time to time ,when I was there ,she liked me and doesn't know my wife and I are going to separate,my wife is cousins with her mother, could this be the reason she is cautious with me? Whenever I send texts, I send them as the experts say and she only answers me in short one sentence tests, If I confront her when she from time to time doesn't even answer the texts, I ask her if she got my last message and then she, sometimes she makes up stories that she has deadlines at work or a knee operation was the first excuse but she texted back a long letter one time when I told her I would like to help do dog rescues in hungary when I retrun to her home town in March, THEN she had a lot to text about that but when it comes down to personal things like me and her, just a short sentence flirty like but nothing deep texting about me and her personally. I can't get past first base with her texting back to me with a little more depth in her feelings.Example. I just texted her yesterday to wish her personally and confidentially a nice Christmas, I'm looking forward to coming back to hungary and see you again, Hope you feel the same.Drive carefully and kisses. She replied as soon as she saw the message on Facebook and said,Thank you very much:) I wish you the same:) that's the type of answers I get. Why couldn't she at least say, "I look forward to seeing you as well"! or something like that. I feel like answering in a joking way and tell her, hey eszter,I've got an overstock of frozen fish I need to get rid of in the freezer,would you like them? that's how razy she makes me with those type of texts, so short and not deep.Help me someone,I know she likes me but she is refraining from letting me know inside her feelings, even not one trifle of hint she allows me to read inside her, WHY? help me.


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  • She's probably just a quiet person.


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