He sent me pic of 3 naked gay guys?

After a long bumpy relationship and an even longer breakup, and both blocking each other ( yes it was all too dysfunctional ) I finally decide that I will leave him alone...(it really is a LONG story)...after one week of not emailing him ( I can no longer text or call because he blocked me), I receive a text at 1:15am of 3 naked gay guys ( it was a generic pic and staged )...WTH does this mean? ( yes,he is dysfunctional and that is why I pushed him away so many times, but dumb me kept letting him back in...we have not had a relationship for over a year, but we continued to text at times and talk occasionally ... I obviously was somewhat dysfunctional too because after pushing him away ( for good reason) I would start missing him & decide that I wanted him in my life ( at least as a friend ) because he really had been a good friend in a lot of ways...but, he has been dating a woman since before we officially ended our "relationship"...I believe that he began pushing me away because he owed me money and did not want to pay me back...anyway, after we ended, he sent so many mixed messages and always said that I broke his heart and would send me messages that made it appear that he missed me...long complicated story...but my question is...WHY did he send me a photo at 1:15am of 3 naked guys? It actually crushed me because I obviously still do care...I wish that I did not and I am trying not to...but this has me really wondering...WHY would he do this ? We are both in our early 50's ( he does drink too much, so I am sure that he was drunk when he sent it & probably does not even remember sending it...one more huge red flag, huh?

Well, an update. I caved and sent him an email that said:

"so are you gay ? or Bi ? Or what ? "

And he replied :

" Hell no! Horsing around with the gang from garage. Disregard! Sorry! "

So I guess that they all got a laugh at my expense...whatever ...50 year old hanging out with 30 year olds ...grow up.

At least he apologized...


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  • Well in general I suppose off topic you sound just like my mother used to act with her ex. Push pull push pull when it was obviously a shitty situation and unbelievably unhealthy.

    To answer your question. Was he acting with the other 2 gay guys? Or did he just send you a photo of a scene out of p*rn or something?

    If It's the first, I don't know what to tell you other than to just stop all contact with the man.

    If it's the second, well then I think he was just fucking with you.

    I don't really know. Good luck!

    • No, he definitely was not in the photo...it was 3 20 year old hotties ( like from a p*rn site ) ...I know he looked at playboy magazine, but I have never known him to look at that kind of stuff before...would a straight guy send a photo like that? Because I started to wonder if he may be trying to tell me something or if he sent the photo to me by mistake...so if he sent it to me just to mess with me, then that would mean that he still cares? Thanks for your response!

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    • It's unfortunate when things turn out this way but if it is indeed for the better, then that's the best you can hope for.

    • Thanks...it is definitely for the better...yesterday I just said to myself " I gave him MANY opportunities to prove me wrong & he kept on proving me right" ... funny how some people talk the talk, but don't walk the walk. He always said the right things, but his actions were not consistent with his words. Too bad that he could not be the man that he pretended to be...

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  • Umm...who cares? Brush it aside, leave it be and move on...If you keep thinking about him, he'll keep on being an issue. I'm sorry but for someone who's supposedly in their early 50's you don't seem to have gained a lot of wisdom about life. You should know this kind of stuff already.

    • Thanks for your comment...I obviously could answer this question for someone else ( and it would probably sound very similar to your answer ) but when your heart is involved, it doesn't seem so cut and dry. I unfortunately do not have a lot of experience in dealing with dysfunctional men & generally believe that people are good & honest. This guy obviously threw me for a loop & gave me a quick lesson on what being divorced at 50 is going to be like...yay for me!

    • Thanks for your comment...I really do appreciate your help.

  • He was probably sitting around with his boys having a few drinks and thought it was a funny thing to do at your expense because you suck in his eys. Maybe he thought you were controlling durring his relationship and trying to change him into somehting he's not. Maybe he thought you were into gay men from the way you wanted him to be? Overall though it's just a big fuck you.

    • Thanks for your opinion...he does not think I was controlling ( because I wasn't ) and I never tried to change him into something that he wasn't... He definitely did not think that I was into gay guys...but I agree with you...it was probably just a big fuck you...how sweet of him to think of me at Christmas :-)

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    • He dislikes you enough to disrespect you like that so ya basically...

    • LOL...thanks :-)

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  • lol weird