Guy problems.Damsel in distress here! long read, but thank you if you answer x

Basically David and I met about 2 months ago. Straight away we took a liking to each other and ended up kissing. He has two groups of friends: one group I have kissed a few/ was seeing one of them - they also all live together in a flat at Uni - and the other group live locally.

We've only spent 2 nights together in total so far. The first night we met he was quiet around me (he is shy according to his friends). Everything went well and I felt proud about having kissed him. However, the group of friends at Uni were jealous that he kissed me and kicked up a fuss about it, so David kinda tried to distance himself from me.

The second time we met, we spoke and he said he didn't think we could be together because it could be awkward for him and the guys he lives with at Uni - fair enough - I agreed with that. Despite this we ended up kissing anyway. We crashed at his local friend's house (who all approve of me and him getting together).

He ended up snuggling into me and I stroked his hair while we sat in the living room. Once everyone went to bed he asked me to lie on the couch beside him. We softly lip kissed for HOURS on end. No tongues, just lips and he held me tightly all night. We just stared at each other. At one point he looked me in the eyes and said 'you're too cute' and bit his lip as he did so. We softly grinded at little at one point and I honestly just wanted him. He apologised profusely any time he thought he was out of line and wrapped me up in his jumper when I got cold. I flinched in my sleep at one point and he whispered to me 'shhh, it's ok' and pulled me closer to him. In the morning I left and and said that despite what had happened, I remembered what we had discussed - he didn't look me in the eye or respond to this, he just stared at the floor. I said bye and gave him a cuddle, he kissed my cheek and I kissed his in return.

So...I saw him last night out locally with the local group of friends and they were all asking me about us two and what was happening. I said nothing and they were like 'he definitely likes you, he's just very shy' 'he's a keeper' and so on. I ran into him at one point and said 'hi' our conversation was very short but I hugged him and tried to make him feel at ease. I find it difficult to speak with him and he keeps mentioning that people think he's stupid and dumb for some reason :/. After that I told him I was going to go away so he hugged me and kissed my cheek and I kissed his back. He looked awkward and uncomfortable as I left though.

I just don't know what to do. I feel there's something between us, but I can't act on it. I just don't know how much he wants it. Especially because he's very silent around me.

What should I do guys? Just stay friends?


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  • Well if you want to be friends because there's going to be a big burden on both of you if you try anything else, then be friends. However, I would suggest treading through the mud to get to the real him.

    First of all, fuck his friends that don't approve or whatever the case may be. Acting like little girls. Second of all if he really wants to be with you or do anything with you he will do so and not let anyone else influence that decision. Maybe you should push that notion into his head to dwell on.

    he's in college for fucks sake, and he's letting dormies dictate what and whom he see or do whatever with. Kudos to you both for sitting down and talking about the situation. From what I can see from that night on the couch that's some deep shit. You don't just do that with anyone.

    I would say that the only issue here are his jealous and very very shitty friends. Maybe tell him that you care for him OR want to get to know him despite these issues and you'll work around them. You cannot really do anything if he WANTS to listen to what these guys have to say either to impress them or keep them as "friends"

    That's pretty shitty. I would say the ball is in his court really.

    Regardless, good luck!

    • Thanks so much for this answer, it made me laugh :)!

      I totally agree that his friends should have NO say in any of this. They didn't treat me well so they should have no say. The night on the couch was pretty deep...we didn't even talk much (or have to).

      His friends are the only issue, some of them still give me a bit of a hard time too. David's oblivious really - but I can see why it would cause problems if we did go out. It's so annoying because I want to.

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    • No problem! Be sure to update this question to let me know how it turned out. :D

    • I will do :) might take a loooong time though :P

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