Online dating websites while in a relationship : Should I be mad at my boyfriend?

Hey there...

So I just found out my boyfriend for 8 months had been logging into his old online dating profiles... Less then a week ago was his last login:[ and I'm really sad and somewhat mad. Everything was going well, so I thought. and I don't know what to do anymore.

I confronted him on it and he said they're old and he doesn't remember the passwords for it them. But his profiles say his last log in was a week ago. And the other said he was ONLINE at the moment... Should I be mad and break up with him and be done with it? Or should I give him the chance to explain? He's lied to me before... "Out of fear" he claims. He's kept his options open from the getgo so I feel, and I feel betrayed. I've met the family and his friends and he's met mine.

Thanks for taking the time to read and answer.

Should I be mad with him over this?

Should I stay or break up?

What do you guys think?


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  • Red flags are red for a reason. Look in the mirror and repeat this to yourself, "you can do better"


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  • it is very odd

    • Yeah I know. That's why I don't know what to do.

      He claims to love me. But I know I'd wouldn't do something

      like that to him.

      I closed my options during our relationship...

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    • I'm pretty mad at him right now so I'm not speaking to him.

      And I basically broke up with him.

      I been cheated on before and man it's when you least expect it!

      But thanks for your time[:

    • anytime hey its completly understandable. id do it to.

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  • Yes you should be righteously angry about this. You already know this guy is lying and it is best that you break up with him. He is looking elsewhere and simply using you in the process to finding someone else. Dump him, he is a user and it will only hurt more when he finds someone else and breaks up with you for them. Even if he isn't using them, the fact he is on them means the trust has been broken and he should delete them.

    Get rid

  • If I asked you or say a friend came to you with this question 8 months into her relationship, what advice would you give her and what would you think the dude was doing or his intention would have been logging onto his profile still? I think you know what to do and just need confirmation. Dump him hun and wait for the great man you deserve to have in your life, they are still out there. Tell yourself that you deserve great and wait for it, when it comes, you will realize why the dating site stupid dumb had to go ;)

  • You should be suspicious

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