I am so conflicted Cheating plus ungrateful

My woman I have been showing I love profusely I pay the rent She didn't have a car I went found a good 2012 Nissan altima I pay the note and insurance .

Took her to church pray for her Bring home considerations favorite cookies and cakes Tell her and call her tell Her I love her ...Try and lift stuff for her ...Pay the rent

She is 40 years old 10 years older then me were both black I come from more good natured Christian folk and she comes from more ghetto gangster section 8 *sorry to put it like that*

She goes from 0 to 100 without thinking rationally ,Says she wants to get married but never wants to talk about the bills or create a joint savings.

She cheated on me with a little street dude that was playing her for a fool saying all the right things then dissing her and throwing her out his house she kept running back while coming home to me at night chilling with him driving my car to see him while I'm at work I caught her by tracking her phone and text messages after she he started acting like a bitch one weekend she lies about going to church to spend time with him ...

I moved out got my own place she started apologizing saying I'm the only one she wants and stopped texting him from her cell phone but hasn't deleted his text messages from his old or new number. uses her work phone freely I rarely hear from her at work she says she felt lonely but I when I kept asking her what was wrong she said everything is fine its okay ...

was doing right for a 2 month period from October to December

Fast forward to December after I moved back in she got mad about something stupid at Walmart cause I had to work overtime and she couldn't’t go to David's bridal after we got engaged so we could pay for wedding stuff was a bitch for 2 days I called my boy to blow off some steam he is not for our relationship he says she a user and not worthy of a good guy she got in her feelings brought me lunch on a Wednesday says she was over her friends Catrina house that evening but no call to catrina and he lives in the area where she was next day she had a whole bitchy attitude and so from 12/12 through today 12/22 she hasn't cooked in weeks my birthday came and went she was a bitch all day didn't get me nothing but a card that says she always wants to be together but faked a excuse to not get dressed up to come to my bday party but was out shopping the next morning She gets mad cause I work a lot but does’t want to have a joint savings account and we would have stacks in the bank and live paycheck to paycheck ...

Ladies am A fool or what she just is negative and ungrateful like she needs a thug to beat her upside her head steal from her cheat on here a good dude she takes for granted.

We ain't had sex in 4 weeks swears she wants to wait til marraige now .


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  • She's not going to see till it's too late when someone else has your heart.


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  • First off, punctuation helps the reader.

    Second of all, you got engaged to her? I'm all about forgiveness but that's really quick. She needn't earn trust back. Take back YOUR apartment, YOUR car, if you got Her a ring, take it back too.

    She needs to go

    • i was typing fast I understand it wasn't perfectly punctuated but its the internet I just put the story out here

    • Ha all good bro. Just saying.

      More importantly is the advice.