Stupid arguments about texting

I met this guy, went out on a few dates and we text daily. For some reason I apparently didn't text as much yesterday and he got upset. I texted him goodmorning, then I went to work and when I came back I texted him to ask how his weekend was, when I went to bed I texted him a goodnight. He said: "well, I don't hear you anymore but nevermind, goodnight".

Huh? Where did that came from? It's the second time in a month we're having that issue and I think it's quite immature "you don't text me as much as I text you", that's how it feels like and now both of us aren't in the mood to talk. Ugh. Advice?


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  • You guys ever thought of picking up the phone and calling each other? Texting isn't really meant for conversations. I know their easy because you can reply to them when you want but you really ought to try calling. He should too. If this texting problem persists, you may just want to tell him to stop talking to you.

    • I'm not a big fan of texting, I told him that when I met him. I'm not a fan of calling someone, just because I don't really know what to say to him. It just annoys me he's upset about something trivial like that. I texted him a few times yesterday and he's all "oh well I don't hear you anymore either", ehm...

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    • True. Oh well, he chooses to ignore the situation and me because he doesn't want an argument. I told him that's not the best plan and that's the end of the conversations.

    • I'm sorry you feel that way

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  • loool he is an attention seeker.