Does he actually like me more than casual?

I have been having casual sex with this guy for 2 months. We thought it didn't work for a bit bus we still continue doing it sometime. I haven't seen him for 2 weeks already. We both were busy. but we still message each other almost everyday. He went back to his family for holiday. I texted him to wish him a merry Xmas before he left because I thought that he would be busy with family and friends back home. He said thanks and told me thay he will come back in 2 weeks. But still he messages me everyday since. And now he invite me to visit his hometown and he would take me around. And he said he it's OK fo. Me to stay at his parents and they are pretty chilled. So I said yes. I asked him several time If he sure about this and he said it would be fun. I kinda have a feeling that it's more than casual sex now since he message Me everyday. Cleary he misses me. Do you think that he wants more than casual sex and some kind of relationship now?


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  • you should talk to him. he might but not necessarily.