What are some pointers for dates?

Ok, so I haven't been on a date and well I feel like an idiot. This guys is shy when he isn't with his friends and I am also shy. I am so nervous. I usually am the type to sit back in a group conversation and say just a few things here and there.

What are some pointers? What should we talk about and what should we do? And if you have anything to help me please share. I need anything you would like to give me.


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  • If you are shy and so is your date, Do actually activities, Where you can still talk and get to know each other but there are forced breaks in the conversation, Breaks which can give you a moment to think of new questions... Miniature golfing (or something similar... You have to break to put the game can always be a topic of conversation, make bets to break the ice... If I make this put you have to kiss me on the cheek... It is cute and great ice breaker... Or movie first then dinner, You can talk about the movie at dinner... When all else fails just ask questions there is no topic that anybody knows better than themselves... Ask about him and his family and he will reciprocate with the same questions I am sure... Once the first date is out of the way it will only get easier... I hope I helped...


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