Am I rude if I sent a text message ...?!

They thank and wish me back, but then I don't bother to thank them too?!

Would you expect someone to thank you back ?!


Me: "i'd like to wish a merry whatever, and have all the bla bla..."

Them: "thank you very much, we'd like you to have a great holiday something something"

Me : Nothing...

Would that be seen as rude ?! It doesn't to me ...

But let's say the person has a very high expectation of you (crush, close family members). Would that change their expectations ?! "why didn't he thank me back, the prick!"


Most Helpful Girl

  • There's no need to say "thank you" after a thank you from the other person. Reading your entire message it makes sense to not reply again as you already sent your wishes and they said thank you. It doesn't seem rude to me either. I guess if you know it's someone who is OCD about getting a thank you back, you probably should.


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  • no, I don't think so.


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  • It's not rude if you dont, but it's nice to give a response to a thank you.

    You can only gain (who knows what exactly.) but it will show that you care to even say something back.