Should I give up on 'em?

I've been dating this really sweet guy for more than 5 months. We aren't yet bf/gf, We aren't seeing other people though. Anyway, everything has been going great until about a month ago. I remember texting him if everything was alright because he didn't respond to my text for four days and he apologized stating how busy he was. He said all he really does is eat, sleep, and work. I can understand, since I know full well that he has more responsibilities than me. But that was a month ago...and no change. I've texted him once a week since he gave that explanation and still no response. But I've seen his YouTube activity and if he can go on there then why can't he send a quick text? Lately, it seems like he's been developing deeper feelings for me and I think this is his way of pulling back. After texting him three times in a row, I've decided to stop and wait for him to text me for once. He's sweet and he's said/done so many sweet things for me...and I feel like he's worth the wait. The only thing is, how long should I wait? I was thinking another two weeks before I quit. I dunno. This is so out of character of him. I'd just like another persons view on this.

If age is relevant, I'm 18 and he's 23.


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  • it would seem odd that he's developing deeper feelings and thus pulling back. it seems counterintuitive

    based on behavior I would suggest that his feelings are either waning or he's maybe met someone else.

    i guess to be optimistic you could just hope that he's especially busy or has developed deeper feelings and doesn't know what to do but honestly I wouldn't really suscribe to that just because it seems like a setup for disappointment.

    Frankly unfortunately after 5 months you'd hope that he may show some signs of wanting a bigger commitment. I personally would want to talk to him (like calling him) and find out what's what

    • Well, I am known to be an optimistic! Thanks for your input. Perhaps it is wishful thinking...

  • This is a hard one because awesome people are hard to find, and even if you find one, they're hard to keep!

    If you are not boyfriend and girlfriend yet, I would suggest dating other guys, but not actually becoming official with him, until you get any sort of response from that guy, at least, for a while.

    Did that help?


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