We text all day and night til he falls asleep. Is it just infatuation?

He's my boyfriend. We've met like a month ago and we've been maintaining very heavy communication since almost the first day. He texts me 3-5 texts at a time. He always texts me first thing in the morning before work while I'm still asleep. He's working and I'm at uni. He texts me during the day, sometimes he Facebook messages me if it's more discreet than texting at the client, he texts me when he's done working and when he's back home. I pretty much always know what he's up to. We text the most before bedtime. He always sends me his goodnight wishes and kisses at last but he often falls asleep mid conversation. Is that bad? He usually tells me like "I'm in bed, texting you and then I'm off to sleep". His cell is plugged right by his bed, that's why.

He has such lovely words for me all the time. I told him that I loved that he was a very loving and caring man and he replied that he was very caring when there was something to care about, which is me. I really looove that we keep in touch all the time, I don't get tired of it, but I'm worried that if he's feeling very strongly so quickly, it's not gonna last. :( He's 23, had been single for 1.5 years and claims he's been seriously committed during all his time at uni.

He's introduced me to his friends, his very best friends of 10+ years and his younger brother. I'm having a double date with his best friend and his girlfriend on Friday, which makes me believe it's getting serious. He tried to set up a lunch date with his mom too but that didn't work. I don't think he's been clear about me being his new girlfriend though. He texted her something like "I have a date. You should meet her, she's awesome". English isn't my native, so I don't know if ''a date'' refers to a girlfriend or just a random girl he's casually seeing. :/ so basically, I'd like some output on this new relationship dynamic! Thanks!


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  • You only meant a month ago, so he seems pretty eager, but if you not bother by it then there's No worries. Most girls I know would be turned off by that eagerness.


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