Has anyone dated a twin and is this common?

I like this guy but there's a slight problem as he is a twin, he isn't an identical twin but they are very close. They go to the gym together, socialise and even work in the same company. His brother likes to interfere so I'm wondering if I should pursue this as the guy I like is the less dominant twin,his brother chooses what they do and once they were at the club and his brother decided where they would hang out and even leave. The guy I like seems to idealise his brother which is worrying as his brother has a girlfriend but likes to act single so I'm worried he might copy him. Has anyone dated a twin and is this typical behaviour or is there a way to get past this?the guy I like is sweet and nice but easily influenced and his twin is not a very nice guy to his friends or his girlfriend with the way he treats her, I actually met him first when he acted single and I did kinda fancy him until I realized he was taken


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  • consider yourself lucky. I always date a girl and realize she has a hotter sister.

    • Haha I suppose, although there are disadvantages to this too

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  • Back I and my teen days I dated one twin. I caught them pulling the twin switch on me, so I gave Donna a hickey so I could tell her from Diana.

    Donna was so mad she didn't speak to me for the rest of high school, but Diana would.

  • Never had the pleasure of twins but I have dated sisters before both sisters good times.


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