Don't know where I stand with him?

Boyfriend told me he wanted space on 20th December he said because I always jump to conclusions which annoys him and secondly he just wants space this came out of the blue as we just came back off holiday.

I said OK and haven't contacted him.

He sent me a text today at 5pm saying merry Xmas to me and my mum signed him and his family. It was very formal message.

If he wanted to space why would he text on Xmas day?

I feel so upset and like he is being manipulative how should I react?


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  • "space","break"..are very complicated topics..When you are in the same room for a long time..u long to get out of it for sometime atleast...same goes for relationships..when your in a relationship especially if it is kind of a clingy one..(plz don't mind me saying this...i'm just generalizing it..)))or a one where your in constant contact with your bf..u kind of feel sttifled..So..the message was a casual wish..dont think a lot about that..give him an equally formal reply..and stay aloof for sometime atleast..see how things turn out to be...and remember keep some evasive..and don't be so open that everyone figures you out easily...have a mysterious element which will make them keep wanting more of u..

    Don't be upset..enjoy your me time..afterall..ur the most important thing in your own life...

    i hope you got what I meant...


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  • Looks like you're jumping to conclusions indeed. Reread your post.

    He's still your boyfriend, so he sent you a merry Xmas text. Pretty normal and you're making a big deal out of it.

    Good luck, you're going to need it if you always see the worst in whatever guys say or do.

    • I thought when a guy said they need 'space' it means they are sick of relationship maybe I am jumping to conclusions again haha

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