Suddenly he's dating?

two weeks ago, my best friend of 2 years and I had this long weird talk in which he admitted being attracted to me and having thought about us dating, I admit having feelings for him and wanting to date, and he tells me I'm his best friend and he won't risk that relationship. He's not in love with me, doesn't think he can feel love for anyone, and doesn't want to hurt me.

couple days ago he tells me that some chick I've never even heard of before wants him to come hang out with her. Even asked my opinion. And I was honest, I told him I didn't know how to respond and then when my answers were short he asked if I was having a bad night and I told him I was being weird about the whole chick thing. he says it was just to hang out and the subject changes.

tonight he tells me they did hang out, she was fun to hang out with, asks what's up with my Facebook saying I'm still with my ex, and then tells me they're going to hang out again.

wouldn't be such a big deal, except I'm the only female he's hung out with in like a year. he doesn't date, he doesn't really talk to females at all, and maybe its just wishful thinking, but I can't help but think the timing means something. I just can't figure out what. any ideas?

its not just a crush, which is the problem. my last relationship failed because of the feelings I have for my friend, and I really don't see the point in dating someone else with feelings like this. idk, I guess I'm hoping the timing is his way of proving to one of us that we shouldn't be together, I just don't know which one, and my feelings are hoping its him.

I forgot to mention, he's also rescheduled our plans twice now, and possible will tomorrow too. I haven't seen him since before we talked.


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  • He obviously was bothered by your Facebook status.

    Maybe the idea is making its way in his head.

    Anyway, you can't stay like this forever. Obviously the best friend position isn't enough for you, so if you stay like this, you'll only end up suffering more.

    You should either get him, or step back from his life and move on.

    • problem is I've got no idea how to get him.

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